About Us

The motivation to start "Yolo Leather and Cloth" began with a desire to bring some old-world quality and craftsmanship to the world of knitting. 

It began with an ambition to craft a leather shawl clasp: to hand cut, dye, hand stitch and hand finish all of the details. I liked my product so much, I thought that perhaps others might also. When I showed my creations to other knitters, they applauded my efforts. I started selling right away!

The desire to work with cloth has been life-long. I have been sewing cloths for over 45 years, after purchasing my first sewing machine in my early teens. Sewing cloth masks, now in this historic time, seems a natural progression. I wanted a comfortable mask and one crafted out of only the best fabrics I could find for the task. Thus the "Cloth" arm of the company was born.

The name "YOLO"? Words to live by; "You Only Live Once". It is important to do many things, and as much of what you love as possible.

I hope that your purchase brings you years of joy!